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  • I do not reproduce other artists' work.

  • Each tattoo design is tailored to the individual client. Design is released for client's viewing no sooner than the first scheduled appointment for tattooing.

  • A physical or email consult is required for all prospective clients before I will commit to a new project.

  • Appointment availability will be determined by the work involved in client's request. This is heavily dictated by size and detail.

  • Weekend appointments are generally less available.

  • All appointments require a $150USD deposit prior to scheduling. *Tattoos of a lesser value than $150USD will be paid for in full prior to scheduling.

  • All deposits go towards not only scheduling for the tattooing of your design, but towards the time invested into creating the design itself, and is non-refundable.

  • Fourty-Eight (48) hours notice must be given to allow for any rescheduling. Failure to allow fourty-eight (48) hours notice for rescheduling will incur loss of deposit.

  • If the design request changes between scheduling and the appointment time, I cannot guarantee the scheduled appointment, due to the added design time.


  • The following persons will not be considered for tattooing:

  • Any person under eighteen (18) years of age

  • Any intoxicated person

  • Pregnant women